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👋Hi everyone!! Thank you for reading Exterior and Interior Painting Specialists Today we are going to go over the steps of prepping your home to paint it! 

1⃣ The first step is going out to the home a week before you begin painting to examine and pressure wash. Doing this takes off any build up that may be on your home, as well as chipping off loose paint or any chalking that has happened over the years. 

**Make sure to take extra care around all doors and windows** 

2⃣ Next, we protect everything around the house. We first lay drops clothes along where you will be painting, also over any plants in case of overspray. We tape plastic over all the windows and lights. Finally, take off all the shutters and set them to the side- they are painted separately. 

3⃣ Now we begin the first coat. We use an airless sprayer. It goes up to 3,000 psi, always keep clean tips in an airless sprayer; this will help prevent any over overspray and keep a constant amount of paint flowing out.

4⃣ After painting the first coat go back with a brush and cut in on all the corners, trim and around windows and doors. 


5⃣ Next, paint the second coat after allowing at least 5 hours to dry.

6⃣ Finally carefully remove the tape and plastic, reattach the shutters and gather all over utensils and equipment.

Thank you again for reading Exterior and Interior Painting Specialists blog! 


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