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When prepping a new work site we work in an assembly line process… this keeps a structured process guaranteed to move quickly. Everyone learns a skill and gets good at it!

  1. The first thing we do when we enter a new home is lay cloth down to protect the floor from any paint, dirty or potential danger.

2. We then start laying plastic over all the appliances, we tape the windows with plastic, and take off all the faceplates as well.

Spraying Springfield

3. Now someone begins to make a spray booth in a spare room or garage to spray the door and drawer fronts. Having an onsite spray booth keeps everything on the property it belongs too and reduces any risk of damage or possible misplacement.

4. While the spray booth is being built we use sanding blocks to scrub all the areas that will be painted. We do this to ensure it will have a nice smooth coverage with little to no flaws showing.

While someone is sanding another person is following behind and cleaning the whole surface area with TSP (Trisodium Phosphate) – a strong chemical that breaks down grease and grime build up.

5. When they are done scrubbing and cleaning they go back and number the doors and drawers so we know where they all go back. This is also a good opportunity to change out any hardware (Handles and hinges) if you wish to.

6. Next, we go back with more tape and plastic to close off the insides of the cabinet box. Covering them with plastic allows us to keep the cabinets full without ruining anything inside while spray painting. The only cabinets you do not do this on are the ones with glass fronts. The glass front cabinets are sprayed inside since they are always visible.

Place a piece of blue tape sticky side facing you into the cabinet. The reason for leaving a lip of the sticky side is to go back and lay plastic over… the tape grabs the plastic leaving a nice tight close with no chance of overspray or leaking.

7. Finally, we set up all our air filters and begin to paint!

8. We always do two coats on all of our projects. Two coats ensures there is a nice even coverage all through-out.


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