🤔How I SAVED 12k on my kitchen🤔

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Today we are going to help you save thousands on a brand new kitchen!!!

Are you tired of walking into the same 50’s kitchen every day? Are you embarrassed to invite friends over for dinner?? Are you ready to not spend an arm and a leg on a kitchen you AREN’T ashamed of!?



By the time we are done in your home, you will only be seeing this in your nightmares!

“Last year the national average cost for a minor, midrange remodel of the heart of the home was $21,198 The report goes on to add that a more major, midrange renovation averaged $63,829, and an upscale kitchen renovation’s average cost came in at $125,721.”

“The typical house has at least 30 linear feet of cabinetry using same design / size with medium-grade oak cabinets – Average of $117 to $140 per linear foot for a total of $4200. This does not take into consideration the removal of old cabinetry and the potential for reinforcement of walls and floors. Such costs would be based on the average carpentry rate of $70 per hour.”

The two above statistics are the sad truth we are living today!

Worry NO MORE! We have secret money saving tips you will all LOVE!

What if we told you you could completely transform your kitchen for less than HALF of that amount!!!?

To completely re-do this kitchen, it WOULD HAVE cost over $20,000.00… but because of our money saving tips, they only spent $2,730.00 and it looks like a whole new house!!!


There are many different ways to change up the look of your kitchen without replacing everything.

Besides just changing the color of your cabinets you can do other things in your kitchen to give it its own look.

Try giving the island its own accent color


Finished Peoria

If you don’t have an island in your home, try giving the two levels their own colors. These small but subtle changes give your kitchen a personality of its own!


Don’t like the grain marks on your cabinets? — Don’t worry, we can take that away as well!!


Even if you do not like the grainy look your cabinets have you DO NOT have to replace them!

Do you want the new kitchen look without the new kitchen price?

Give us a call for a free estimate and a FIVE YEAR GUARANTEE


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