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Today we are going to go step-by-step on how to paint your vinyl home!!!

For the longest time painting vinyl siding was unheard of… when people started to paint their vinyl siding they noticed with dark colors the vinyl would eventually warp from being so hot… BUT NOT ANYMORE

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Sherwin-Williams now offers a new Vinyl Safe Color Technology line. They have over 100 colors to choose from!!!!

You can click on the link below to see Sherwin-Williams official data sheet and color palette.

VinylSafe Color Palette

The new Vinyl Safe line that Sherwin-Williams offers opens up many opportunities!

You can virtually paint your house however you want, exactly how you want.

Now we will go over the process we go through when painting a vinyl home.

The first thing we do when we arrive at a new project is tape all of the windows and put plastic over them. This protects the windows from any overspray that may happen.


The next thing we do is lay drop clothes and move all furniture. The drop clothes go where we will be painting and over any plants.

After getting all of the prep work done we begin painting.

We always do two coats on all of our projects.

We also use two Graco 3000psi 395 Airless sprayers – one for the trim color and one for the body color.

You need to always keep fresh tips in the gun on the sprayers. Doing so will control the amount of paint coming out and keep it equal as well as keep the overspray at a minimum.

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