🎨Cabinet painting like pros… How to Prep:🎨

CAbinet painting Like Pros…

Hi everyone! This is Cabinet painting like pros, thank you for reading Exterior and Interior Painting Specialists Blog!

Today we are going to go through the process of preparing to repaint kitchen cabinets!!!

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Protecting Floors…

The first thing we do when we start a new project is protecting all of the appliances and floors.

After laying drop cloths and putting plastic over the countertops and appliances someone begins to clean the cabinets with TSP (Trisodium Phosphate) This helps cut the grease build up on all the surfaces.

Cabinet painting like pros
Cabinet painting like pros

While the cabinets are being cleaned with TSP someone else follows behind them, like an assembly line, and begins to remove all the hardware. After everything has been cleaned, then they go through and sand all of the fronts for a nice, smooth surface. They then take the drawer fronts, handles, and hinges off the doors.

Remember to number the doors, drawers, and units so it is put back correctly.

While the kitchen is being prepared to be painted, another person is in the garage making a spray booth. Creating a spray booth on site keeps everything on the property and reduces the risk of anything being broken, lost, or damaged.

The drawer fronts and cabinet doors are sprayed in the spray booth and hung up to dry overnight. Everything is given two coats.

Cabinet painting like pros
Cabinet painting like pros

Now that the door and drawer fronts are off, we go back and put a piece of blue tape, sticky side facing out with a little lip hanging off. We then take plastic and stick it to the unit to protect inside the unit.

After everything is covered and ready to go, we begin painting.

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