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Today we are going to share some of the most common themes customers choose to use in their homes!

Hopefully, this blog will be able to help spark your creativity to bring out your homes own personality!

  1. The first look is just a typical repaint. Updating your kitchen with a fresh coat of paint can take your kitchen cave and turn it into an elegant hangout. Currently one of the most popular colors is a shade of grey.

solid colors.jpg

2) Another way to give your kitchen its own personality is by having one of the detached sections an accent color while keeping the rest of the cabinets the same. It’s a way of having an accent without drawing too much attention away.

one accent.jpg

3) Accenting the island. Something about the center of the room being a darker color than the rest brings it all together. It gives the heart of the home its own heart.

island accent.jpg

4) Having the top a lighter color and the bottom a darker color. This nice accent separates the room in a nice clean line. It brings a sophisticated feel to the room.

top and bottom dif.jpg

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