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Exterior Prepping…We are local painting contractors in the Central Illinois Area. Today we are going to discuss the preparation process to paint the exterior of your home!

1⃣ The first step is going out to the home at least a  week before you begin painting to examine and pressure wash. Doing this takes off any build up that may be on your home, as well as chipping off any loose paint or any chalking that has happened over the years. Pressure washing helps ensure the surface is clean and the new paint will adhere.

Aditional Preperation Steps

  • Mildew treatment to kill existing growth. This operation can be time-consuming however is fundamental to ensure a quality and lasting paint
  • Scrape, any and all loose or chipping paint, sand and prime wood where necessary. Primer is vital; it is sealer as well as a base for your paint to adhere to for years to come.
  • Loose window putty will be replaced. As a complete and quality exterior painting job we will replace missing or loose window putty as needed, ensures exceptional service.
  • Caulk windows and doors. A small, tedious task, however infinitely important when it comes to quality and lasting paint job. This prevents moisture from seeping behind the newly applied paint, additional protection. We do it right.
  • Loose trim will be re-nailed. While we are up there working on eaves and fascia we will re-nail any loose trim.
  • Rusted metal will be sanded and primed. Not only wire brushed but sanded too. You must remove all areas of rust to prevent it from reoccurring.
  • We mask and cover with plastic windows and doors, to protect, and prevent overspray.
  • We also carefully cover all plants, bushes, and concrete and asphalt surfaces. This again is just courteous and clean. We will leave your property as we found it.
  • On occasion, we will offer to trim your trees. This will be at no additional cost.
  • Clean up at the end of each workday. We respect your Residents, Business or job site. We treat it as our own.

**Make sure to take EXTRA CARE around all doors and windows** 

2⃣ Next, we protect everything around the house. We first lay drops clothes along the ground where the painting will be completed. We also lay drop clothes over any plants to protect them from any  over spray. Next, we tape plastic over all the windows and lights. Finally, we take off all the shutters and set them to the side. The shutters will be painted separately. 

3⃣ Now we begin the first coat. We use an airless sprayer that goes up to 3,000 psi. ALWAYS keep clean tips in an airless sprayer; this will help prevent any over over-spray and keep a constant amount of paint flowing out. If you do not change the tips often, old paint will get mixed in with the new paint and there will be issues with running.

4⃣ After painting the first coat go back with a brush and cut in on all the corners, trim, and around all windows and doors. While the first coat dries, you can paint the shutters and anything else that is being painted (Ex: Any doors, metal awnings, or patio furniture)

Exterior Prepping
Exterior Prepping

5⃣ Next, after waiting at least five hours to dry, paint the second coat.

6⃣ Finally, after allowing at least 5 more hours to dry, carefully remove the tape and plastic from all windows, lights, and doors. Reattach the shutters and anything else that was taken down. 

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