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Today we are going to share some of the most common themes customers choose to use in their homes!

Hopefully, this blog will be able to help spark your creativity to bring out your homes own personality!

  1. The first look is just a typical repaint. Updating your kitchen with a fresh coat of paint can take your kitchen cave and turn it into an elegant hangout. Currently one of the most popular colors is a shade of grey.

solid colors.jpg

2) Another way to give your kitchen its own personality is by having one of the detached sections an accent color while keeping the rest of the cabinets the same. It’s a way of having an accent without drawing too much attention away.

one accent.jpg

3) Accenting the island. Something about the center of the room being a darker color than the rest brings it all together. It gives the heart of the home its own heart.

island accent.jpg

4) Having the top a lighter color and the bottom a darker color. This nice accent separates the room in a nice clean line. It brings a sophisticated feel to the room.

top and bottom dif.jpg


A mainstay of any kitchen is the cabinets – they can truly standout and accent everything else in the kitchen or they can be designed to be gorgeous and simplistic. Either way they can add a lot to a kitchen and today we are going to discuss some ways you can decorate them that will have them standing out at any time of the year.

First, with fall coming up, here are some ideas that will have the interior of your home popping and ready to go for autumn. 

  • A fruit basket for fall can be a lovely touch not only in your kitchen – but other common areas of the house as well. A seasonal fruit basket for fall would look good in a small wicker basket and can be filled with apples, twigs, fruit, and other berries to give your kitchen a quick and easy fall display. The fruit can be eaten before it it goes bad and replaced with other fruit – making it the perfect snack display for the kitchen as well.
  • If you are entertaining guests think about adding a fall printable to a common area of the kitchen. Framing it and adding your own seasonal touch will surely impress any guest you have in the kitchen.
  • Similar to the fruit basket, a simple fall centerpiece will look great as an addition to any dining table. With Thanksgiving on the horizon it would be beneficial to construct a fall themed centerpiece – that could be bought or created yourself – that can be used and reused year after year.
  • Change out linens for a fall theme. This includes any cloth napkins and table runners you have displayed for use as well as any towels that you use for hand washing and cleaning that are hanging up in the kitchen. 
  • Don’t be afraid to light fall themed candle scents in the home. Whatever scent you use is up to you when you are by yourself, but a nice smelling fall themed scent that isn’t overbearing will surely please guests this time of year. Scents that work well in the kitchen include Apple Pie as well as the more milder pumpkin scented candles.

Some simple upkeep can help spruce up your kitchen any time of the year:

  • For darker kitchen cabinets think about adding LED lighting to accent the area and light the work space around you. Ideally good lighting will make any kitchen space look bigger regardless of color or cabinet space. Simple lighting strips can be added under cabinets and alongside shelves to easily accent the space.
  • With LED lights you can replace any broken or incandescent bulbs with the latest energy-efficient ones and replace any outdated light fixtures with new ones to avoid any fix of fire. 
  • If you want to add the illusion of more light think of adding a mirror to a wall or backsplash to reflect light and bounce it around the room.
  • Learn how to maximize your counter space. This includes: adding pot racks to the walls, adding hideaway furniture to cabinets and counters, and adding additional shelving inside cabinets to create more space.
  • If you are not a fan of brightly colored walls or statement colors then consider adding accents of color in other areas of the kitchen. Window treatments, a small rug or upholstery, or a trendy lamp above the table are all items that can be added that reflect your own personal design style. 
  • Remember, especially in a small kitchen, that cabinets can double as more than just a place to store dishes and food. Cabinets and shelves with the proper design can be used as a display for treasures and knick knacks, stack of cookbooks, or displays of fine china. 

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