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Thanks for stopping by our blog! Here at Exterior and Interior Painting Specialists we are your guaranteed painting pros. Today we are going to discuss decorating the exterior of your house and the right colors to use for the fall. When it comes to seasonal decorating, Fall can be the most exciting time of year and those outside fall decorations can help your home standout and be the envy of others all season long!


The joy of decorating for the fall is the opportunity that the exterior of your home gives you. With the opulent colors of the trees on full display it is easy to give the outside of your home that same wonderful fall feeling. But where do you start? Like I said, the leaves from the trees and mother nature will do a lot of the work for you so the focus should always first fall on the exterior of the house. Consider where decorations can be placed – front porch, walkway, driveway. Do you have a one-story or two-story house? What is your decorating budget and will you need help setting these decorations up?

These are questions you will first need to answer before you start decorating. If this seems a bit complicated then consider how much work you are willing to put in. Exterior decorations do not need to be overly complicated and keeping it simple with a few well-placed crafts is always a good option.

Here is a list of 8 outdoor decorating options for anyone looking for fun and simple fall decorating ideas:

  1. Hang a Fall Garland. These decorations are cheap to buy or make at home yourself and can be placed virtually anywhere to decorate the house. They can even be layered on existing shrubbery or vines for greater effect.
  2. Add a Pumpkin! This can be real or fake and completely up to you! Carving your own pumpkin gives you the freedom to create your own designs but also comes with a pretty hefty mess. Feel free to avoid the mess and buy a battery operated one from the store.
  3. Hang a fall wreath. Or if you’re crafty enough, make your own leafy wreath with the leaves collected from the front yard!
  4. Create your own candleholders! According to SouthernLiving.com (https://www.southernliving.com/home/decor/outside-fall-decorations) “An outdoor fall decoration wouldn’t be complete without pumpkins. Choose multicolored gourds and carve spaces in the top. Fit in a glass candleholder and a pillar candle for a glimmering pathway border.”
  1. Add a Different Color Palette. While the October holiday generally dictates plenty of orange around this time of year – don’t be afraid to experiment with other fall colors and incorporate some gourds or shrubbery with greens and purples. And According to SouthernLiving.com (https://www.southernliving.com/home/decor/outside-fall-decorations) “deep red mums and other scarlet-toned blooms look great rising from planters at an entry. They also complement the orangey palette of a pumpkin display.”
  2. Get Creative with Pumpkins. Stack them together to create your own pumpkin patch or display. Or hollow out the inside of the pumpkin and the possibilities are endless! Create a planter with a blooming floral display for everyone to appreciate!
  1. String Lights. If you have an outdoor porch or a covered walkway and some free time think about adding some decorative string lights which can add some much needed ambiance to a darkened area.
  2. Incorporate Acorns. Those pesky things that can clutter up your lawn can actually be useful! They’re a perfect pair and an ideal alternative to classic pumpkins and work perfectly when used in wreaths or planters!

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