Exterior and Interior Painting Specialists: Crafting Affordable Decorations This Fall

Exterior and Interior Painting Specialists: Crafting Affordable Decorations This Fall

Hi and thank you for coming back to the blog for Exterior and Interior Painting Specialists. Fall season is in full swing and today we are going to discuss how to craft affordable decorations for your yard this fall! This includes using natural foliage from your yard to your benefit as well as DIY craft projects that anyone can do. Read on below for 10 tips and tricks on affordable decorating!

Use Natural Foliage

You might not realize it but the leaves that collect in the yard provide endless opportunities for do-it-yourself projects as well as simple craft projects for anyone in the family. Not only do they make our surroundings feel cozier but they provide an infinite resource for decorating the front of the home. From garlands to wreaths, these natural autumn decorations give the perfect touch and ambiance of the season to the front of the home.

Decorate With Pillows and Rugs

You would be surprised how a few deliberately chosen accessories can give a unique look to the front of your home. Get inspired by the fall season and add a few comfortable pillows and an outdoor rug or two for a variety of fall colors. Outdoor pillows can be found fairly cheap and provide the perfect pop of oranges, deep reds, dark blues and black that will look perfect on your porch. And think about using an old rug from the basement or your garage to place on your porch as a fall decoration that will provide even more fall color to the front of the home.

Add A Scarecrow!

It might seem an obvious decoration for the fall but it is a cheap option and can also be done yourself with leaves found in the front yard. But a scarecrow creates a whimsical (or scary!) mood to any front porch display. You can build a traditional scarecrow by stuffing old clothing with straw and leaves or you can purchase a ready-to-display scarecrow in stores or online. Just a reminder: make sure your display won’t frighten younger children before investing any time or money in creating a more elaborate display. 

Take Advantage of Antiques

Not only do antiques look lovely but they can connect us to a forgotten piece of history, a lost loved one, or simply just remind us that its fall. Rummage through your garage and basement as antiques can provide a great personal touch to the front porch of a home. Make sure it is nothing valuable – anything you place out front will be exposed to the elements, etc. – but you can usually find plenty of old trinkets just looking through your house. But if you don’t have any tools getting rusty in the back of your garage or an old metal wreath in your basement then you can buy antiques rather inexpensively at a thrift store or at a swap meet in your area.

Now when decorating with natural foliage from your yard you should always be aware of possible dirt and critters that could be found in the leaves. Always check the leaves you choose to use and never bring any of the decorations inside to avoid any dirt or bugs. As always thank you for reading these decorating tips! Be sure to come back and visit the blog at Exterior and Interior Painting Specialists for more fall tips and tricks, painting ideas, cabinet design, and more!

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