🤩Kitchen cabinets: Day 3🤩

Welcome! Today is the third and final blog in our kitchen cabinet process! 


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At the end of day two we had sprayed on the second coat.

Today we are going to look over everything we painted and make sure there are no dings from the doors accidentally touching each other and make sure there are no runs.

Once we make sure all of the door fronts, drawer fronts, and units are okay we are going to start cleaning up!

We will remove the plastic and tape from inside the units!

Now we are going to put the handles back on the doors and drawers. We will attach the hinges back onto the cabinet doors, then we will attach the whole door to the unit.

After we get everything put back together, we finish cleaning.

We have to take the rest of the tape, drop cloths, and plastic off of the appliances and floor.

Finished Cabinet Painting in Central Illinois

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