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Welcome to Exterior and Interior Painting Specialists blog! Today we are going to give you a few tips and tricks to help you paint your home the easiest way and get the best, professional look! We are a painting company serving the Central Illinois area! We offer free estimates, use all Sherwin-Williams products and have a 5-year guarantee! Call or text our office number, 309-349-7021, with any questions or to schedule a free estimate! 


When prepping all surfaces inside, you will want to scrape off any excess areas of paint or caulk.

Floors:  Unless you are about to replace your flooring, you should always protect it by laying down a drop cloth or plastic/tarp. If you are painting the ceiling, the floor needs to stay covered until it is dry, just incase any paint drips.

Trim/Doors/Banisters/Cabinets: These areas are considered high traffic. They need to be cleaned, we use TSP (Trisodium Phosphate). 

Walls:  The walls is low traffic areas without animals will just need to be dusted off, in high traffic areas or if the wall is clearly dirty, then the walls also need to be cleaned with TSP. 

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If the area has never been painted before it will need to be primed before it is painted. If it has been painted before, as long as you cleaned it properly, the new paint will adhere to the surface without the need for primer. Make sure to use the appropriate primer, this will vary on the paint brand you are using, you can ask a sales associate or read on the gallon.

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Always paint two coats, you can never get the perfect amount on the first round, it will be too thin or too thick and cause runs. Settle with two, nice and easy coats, and if necessary you can paint a third as long as they aren’t thick coats. 

To get a nice, straight line, caulk the edges in between the first and second coat. You will need to be very careful when painting the edges on the second coat.

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Painting Tips:

  • Paint takes 30 days to cure. That means it is not completely dry until at least 30 days after painting. If you paint more than two coats, it might take more than 30 days.
  • Make sure your paint is fresh and not old and stirred before you use it!
  • End on a upstroke when rolling out walls, this will help avoid any dripping of excess paint. Always finish a full stroke in one motion. Start at the top, go down, and back up.
  • Always finish the entire wall before stopping. Do not stop mid wall or stroke.
  • If you are painting the ceiling, walls, & trim paint it in that order. You can roll the ceiling color down onto the wall just a little bit, the wall color will cover it and this will help have straight edges. 
  • Don’t press the rollers too hard to leave lines.
  • Tape will help you have straighter edges, make sure you get painters tape to make sure it doesn’t peel off any other paint. Also make sure you are putting the tape on DRY paint, or it will cause damages. Let the paint dry, then cut the edges while peeling it off to ensure there is no peeling . 
  • Determine the kind of paint on existing walls. Not sure if a wall’s existing paint is oil or latex? Soak a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and rub it in a small area across the wall. If the cotton ball has paint residue, the paint is latex. No paint on the cotton ball? You’ll be painting over an oil-based paint and will want to use an oil-based primer before painting.

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Thank you for reading our blog! Today we helped you with many different tips when painting your house! If you would like a free estimate please call or text the office phone, 309-349-7021!

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