🤯Day 2 on cabinets!🤯

Welcome back to Exterior and Interior Painting Specialists Blog! Today we are continuing our special! We will go into detail about day 2 painting kitchen cabinets! You can click on the words below to go directly to our blog about day 1!

At the end of day 1 we sprayed the primer on the units and fronts and we hung them up. 

Day 2 table of contents:

  • Coat 1 
  • 4 hour break
  • Checking all areas
  • Coat 2
  • Conclusion

After letting the primer sit over night we can put the first coat of paint on.

We use Emerald Urethane Enamel from Sherwin-Williams on all of our cabinet projects. It is the hardest, most durable paint Sherwin-Williams offers, it is also the same paint we use on most doors and trim as well.

Click here to read the ultimate cabinet guide!

We start with spraying the units and then we paint the cabinet fronts and drawer fronts. 

When spraying you can’t go too fast because it will be too thin, but if you go too slow the paint will be thick and will cause runs.

After letting the first coat sit for at least 4 hours we check to make sure it is all even and there are no runs. If there are any issues you can sand it and fix it. 

Make sure to do this before spraying the second coat, check every area on the units, and all door and drawer fronts.

The second coat needs to sit for at least 8 hours! We always let it sit over night, so this concludes day two! 

Tune in next week to see how day 3 goes!


In today’s blog we went over what we do on the second day on cabinet projects! Make sure to check back in next week to see what we do on the third and final day!

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