šŸ„°CABINETS Day 1šŸ„°

Hi everyone! Today is the start of our How to paint kitchen cabinets in 3 short days post! Today we are going to walk through our process here at Exterior and Interior Painting Specialists.

Our kitchen cabinet process used to take 6 days, but since we work in an assembly line process, use an airless sprayer and create an onsite spray booth we are able to cut it down to a 3-day process.Ā  Check out our table of contents below to see everything we do when we begin a cabinet project!Ā  Check back next week to see what we do on day two!Ā 

Table of contents:

  • Arrival
  • Protecting your floors
  • Removing hardware
  • Cleaning
  • Taping
  • Sanding
  • HEPA filter system
  • Wash again
  • Spray booths
  • Primer
  • Conclusion


When we start a new cabinet project we arrive at 8 AM. We typically start on a Monday or on Thursday, we start on these days because our process takes 3 days. We can finish two cabinet projects in a week. We always try to park on the road and not in the customers drive-way. We do this just incase anything were to spill or leak, we wouldn’t want to damage a drive-way. Once we get there and great the customer and walk through the project for a final time,Ā  we lay drop cloths to protect your floors.

Protecting your floors:

We lay cloth drop cloths everywhere we walk and where we will be spraying we use paper drop cloths purchased from Sherwin-Williams. We tape the edges of the paper down so they don’t move and the paper doesn’t allow liquid to leak through.

Removing Hardware:

Next, we begin taking the drawer fronts and the door fronts off the units. These will not leave the job site at all, we will go over the on site spray booth soon.Ā  After we take everything down we also remove all the hardware, this includes the handles, hinges, and anything else on the cabinets. This is a great opportunity for the clients to change out and update! We have to take them off no matter what to paint them! If they are there and setting to the side, we will take care of this for you.Ā 

Thinking of having your cabinets painted? Click here for color and design ideas!Ā 


After taking everything off the cabinet fronts we clean everything with TSP. We use TSP (Trisodium Phosphate) to break down the grease, grime, and all other things off the surface. It is a safe chemical that easily breaks down dirt and other unwanted things in the kitchen. We need to clean the units on the wall as well as the front and back of the doors and drawers.Ā 


To be able to spray the units we will tape off the inside so there is no over spray. We do this in the drawer and door fronts as shown in the video below. We place the tape inside the unit and drag the plastic down to cover the inside. We drape plastic over all the appliances, so nothing is damaged with over spray.


Now, before we go onto a light sanding we are going to set up our HEPA filter sanding system! This is an attachment to the sander that sucks up and collects all the extra dust that comes off as we sand. Sanding takes off any other layers of paint on the cabinets and makes it easier for the primer and new paint to adhere to the cabinets. We have to make sure to sand every little corner on all surfaces that are being painted.Ā 

Click here to see what Sherwin-Williams products we use!Ā 

HEPA Filter System:

This filter system collects very small microns of dust while we are sanding!Ā  After we sand we are goingk to wash it again with TSP to get any other dust off and make sure we got all of the grime off.

We are going to go on and set up a spray booth! Building a spray booth in the garage, spare room, or basement allows us to spray the fronts with the airless sprayer and keeping it on site.

Spray Booths:

We make two different spray booths at the home. We hang plastic from the ceiling around the cabinets. This will protect the rest of the home from any over spray that may happen. We also make a spray booth in the garage, basement, or a spare room. In this area we lay the paper drop cloth that we mentioned in the kitchen. We also hang the plastic from the ceiling the same way we did in the kitchen. This is where we will spray the door and drawer fronts and let them dry.

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Now that we have the spray booths and everything set up and prepped, we are going to prime everything.Ā 

Once the priming is finished we clean the areas and wrap up for the day.


Thank you for reading our blog this week! Today we went over everything we do on the first day! Make sure to check back next week to see what we do on the second day! We use all Sherwin-Williams products, Offer a 5-Year guarantee, and FREE ESTIMATES with a co-owner! Call or text today! 309-349-7021 or fill out a form below!Ā 



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