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Welcome to Exterior & Interior Painting Specialists blog! Today we are going to share tips from professional interior designers on picking out new colors for you home! We are also going to share the products we use here at our company! We use all Sherwin-Williams products! Check out our Facebook for new deals! Fill out a contact form below with any questions that you may have! 

Table of contents:

  • Sherwin-Williams Color Snap
  • Color Tips from Interior Designers
  • “The Eye” from Sherwin-Williams
  • Bonus Tip
  • What products we use
  • Conclusion

Sherwin-Williams has an app that you can download!

Use ColorSnap® Visualizer for WebMobile, or iPad to capture colors from your surrounding and match them to Sherwin-Williams paint colors. Explore over 1,500 colors to get inspiration from a photo.  Virtually paint your rooms with ColorSnap® Visualizer for Web and iPad.

The app allows you to browse their color selection and save your favorites! To make it even better, you can take a picture of whatever you’re painting (Cabinets, Walls, Furniture, etc.) and drag the color you want to see up there to picture it before actually dedicating to the color!

Keep this app in mind as you read through our helpful tips!

Ways to choose colors:

1) Choose a Color Scheme From the Largest Pattern in the Space:

Look around the room you are painting- if there are any large patterns, colorful rugs or large pieces of art; choose the color that stands out the most that you like.
For a neutral wall paint color, look to the pattern’s whites and beiges. You can choose any color you like out of this. Of course if you are starting fresh you can choose whatever color and then buy your furniture to match the color you chose.

2) Start With the Formal Areas of the House:

Specifically, the living room, dining room, and entryway.
Choose a color scheme for those areas first, then pull one color from the scheme for the kitchen.
For example, take the red sofa and tone it down (say, to burgundy) for an accent in more private spaces such as the den, office or bedroom.

3) Use the Color Wheel:

In general colors next to each other on the color wheel, such as blue and green — are more casual and relaxing, and work best in informal or private spaces. This is a good strategy for a bedroom, where you want to rest and recover.

4) Back to Black:

For a small pop, try a black lampshade or a black vase; for bigger impact, paint your kitchen’s base cabinets in the high-drama hue. This will stand out from everything else, but in a classic way.

5) Go With Grays:

Put today’s trendiest and neutral gray to work in any style interior. Gray’s chameleon-like quality allows the color to appear there truest. Grey is extremely popular right now! Any and all shades you can think of!

6) Use the Rule of 60-30-10:

“When decorating a space, divide the colors into components of 60 percent of a dominant color (walls), 30 percent of a secondary color (upholstery) and 10 percent of an accent color (accessories)

7) Make Small Spaces Pop:

If you have a small room in your house, don’t paint it white to make it seem bigger. Instead, give it more oomph with a look-at-me color choice. Let your big rooms expand with light, and your small rooms envelop you.

8) Contrast Warm and Cool:

With a healthy balance of 80-20% you can accent a room giving it life without over stimulating. Now this isn’t necessarily 80 % warm and 20 % cool or vise versa, however, it is either or. Make sure to not have too much of both, it will make the room over whelming and feel crowded. 

9) Rock a Monochromatic Look

Shine the spotlight on your favorite color by filling a small space, like a bathroom, with just that hue.

10) Follow the Rule of Three:

Limiting your palette to just three colors is a can’t-miss strategy in any space. Following this rule will ensure you don’t have too much going on in one room.

11) Elegant look:

Neutral colors offer elegance and flexibility within a room. Neutral colors are no longer simply white or beige. You can turn a simple living room into one of elegance by selecting varying shades of neutral colors such as almond walls with red toned browns on the trim. You can also add splashes of color throughout the room with a color throw, pillow or vase carefully placed to offset the subtle neutral tones in the room.

12)  Vibrant look:

If you want a room with pizzazz, choose vibrant colors and their respective shades such as oranges and gold, reds and dark purples. You can complement these colors by selecting a two next to each other such as gold and orange and one from the opposite side of the color wheel such as purple. You can also select black and red for a real stand out contrast and look that is reminiscent of an Oriental look. Choose two colors next to each other on the color wheel for a visual contrast as one will stand out from the other.
You can lower a high ceiling visually by painting it a darker shade than the walls. By the same token, you can expand a room by selecting a lighter color for your ceiling than the walls. Don’t be afraid to add a tint of color to your ceiling paint for a tied in and subtle look. One way to go if you are afraid of too much color in your ceiling is to paint the ceiling, door trim and floor moldings the same shade such as a creamy ivory. This will add a touch of elegance and a nice transition throughout your room.

Bonus Tips:

If you go somewhere and like a color you see, or you like a color already in your home, they make a tool that can scan the wall and pop up different options! This is called “The Eye” and you can purchase it at your local Sherwin-Williams! You download an app on your phone called “Muse” it will save your previous scans and shows you the closest color from any maker.

Different finishes(Sheen): 

  • High Gloss: Most durable and reflects the most light. Will show any/all imperfections.
  • Semi-Gloss: Easy to wipe off and clean. Shiny but not as shiny as high-gloss. Will show major imperfections but not all.
  • Satin: Easy to clean doesn’t reflect a lot of light but doesn’t absorb the light.
  • Eggshell: Soft, velvety look. Resists stains but you may need to scrub a little. There is no shine to this finish.
  • Flat/Matte: There is no shine to this finish and it absorbs the light. Best for hiding imperfections in walls but is hard to clean, it may need painted over if it gets dirty enough.

What finish is best for where:

  • High Gloss: Best for high traffic areas (Cabinets, Trim, Doors) Not good for most walls.
  • Semi-gloss: Good for wet rooms (Kitchen, bathroom)
  • Satin: Good for family rooms, foyers, halls and children’s rooms.
  • Eggshell: Great for the dining room and living room.
  • Flat/Matte: Good for adults rooms and ceilings. Not recommended for children’s rooms or high traffic areas.

Bonus Tips:

  • Grays are IN! 
  • Realtor’s say if you plan on selling your home, it is best to go with calm, neutral tones.
  • It is also best to carry the same color all through your home. If you want an accent wall, go for one that can be seen through-out the house.
  • The kitchen and bathroom can be different colors from the rest of the home but it is best to keep these rooms the same color.  

Products we use:


“Interior” can mean many things, it can be the trim such as window trim, door trim, baseboards or doors. It can also be ceilings, walls, and in some cases, furniture. 

When it comes to buying paint for trim or doors, we use the same paint line we use for cabinets. You can read more about it in the cabinet section below!

If the walls have never been painted before they will need to be primed. If they have been painted before they will just need to be wiped down before painting. If you are painting a “more dirty” area, such as a kitchen or bathroom, the walls will need to be cleaned with TSP (Trisodium Phosphate). 


Product information:

  • Rigorous testing proves that Cashmere performs as an effective paint and primer in one, providing an additional value-added benefit
  • Looks, feels and applies smooth and buttery.
  • Silky, low-stipple appearance that looks good from all angles.
  • Outstanding coverage and hide.
  • Scrubbable for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Meets the most stringent VOC regulations.
  • Available in flat enamel, low lustre, medium lustre and now pearl finish for a unique, luxurious, pearlescent sheen that shifts based on the viewing angle.

Cashmere can be painted anywhere in the home. It is a great quality paint!



Duration Home paint and primer in one features exclusive cross linking technology that actually repels stains. It also has advanced stain blocking technology to seal in stains already on your walls. Duration Home goes on smoothly and quickly and offers excellent hide. It is ideal for high traffic areas like kitchens and hallways and most stains wipe clean with water.

Click here for help choosing colors & finishes for your upcoming project!


Product Information:

  • This zero-VOC paint helps improve indoor air quality with Formaldehyde Reducing Technology* and has the power to reduce common indoor odors with Odor Eliminating Technology*
  • Features breakthrough innovations that help promote better indoor air quality and reduce common indoor odors.
  • Contains Formaldehyde Reducing Technology* helps reduce the levels of certain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from potential sources such as insulation, carpet, cabinets and fabrics.
  • Offers Odor Eliminating Technology* helps reduce common indoor odors, such as those from cooking, smoke and pets. Rooms stay fresher longer.
  • Features anti-microbial agents that inhibit the growth of mold and mildew on the paint surface.
  • Zero VOC formula and meets the most stringent VOC regulations, all while providing great hide and a durable finish.
  • Available in a wide variety of colors and sheens, including; flat, eg-shel and semi-gloss. *The length of time Harmony actively reduces odors and formaldehyde depends on the concentration, the frequency of exposure and the amount of painted surface area.

Harmony is a fantastic paint line! It is especially useful for rooms with moisture, such as kitchens, bathrooms, entry ways, laundry rooms and basements. If you live in a humid area or some where where it rains a lot, you may want to use this all through out your home. As listed above in the product details, it features an anti-microbial agent that fights off mold and mildew!


Our cabinet painting process used to take us six days to complete one project, but after practicing over the last four years and working with Sherwin-Williams representatives, we were able to cut that time in half per project. You can click here to read all about our cabinet painting process here at Exterior and Interior Painting Specialists. The process is the same for all cabinets, whether they are in a garage, bathroom, kitchen or even laundry room. We use the same product on all cabinets, trim & doors. 

Emerald Urethane Enamel:

Product Information: 

  • A smooth and luxurious finish for doors and trim. Delivers a finish that withstands wear and tear and goes on in fewer coats.
  • Durable finish is great for windows, doors and trim.
  • Perfect for areas that are cleaned frequently.
  • Interior/exterior waterbased urethane modified alkyd with the look and feel of an alkyd/oil finish.
  • Available in a range of Sherwin-Williams colors and custom tints in satin, semi-gloss and gloss sheens. Resists yellowing compared to traditional oil based paints and has excellent blocking resistance, allowing surfaces to maintain a tough, durable finish.

We use Emerald Urethane Enamel for many projects, as mentioned above. We use it for these things because it is so durable and lasts a long time. It’s great for high traffic areas that are touched a lot, like cabinets, trim, or doors! 

Unveiling Sherwin-Williams Paints: Quality, Durability, and Eco-Friendliness"


Achieve a smooth and luxurious finish on interior doors and trim with ProClassic® Alkyd Interior. It delivers a high-performing finish that withstands even the toughest wear and tear. This formula goes on smooth without brush or roller marks

This paint was the Emerald Urethane Enamel before Sherwin-Williams created it.


For exterior there are a lot of different surfaces that you may encounter. Luckily, Sherwin-Williams paint lines are advanced enough that each product can be used on multiple surfaces! 

Super Paint:

Product Information:

  • Formulated with Advanced Resin Technology for outstanding adhesion, hide and color retention.
  • Outstanding coverage and durability. Provides a dirt-resistant and mildew-resistant coating.
  • Withstands the elements and resists frost, peeling, blistering, fading and cracking.
  • Low temperature application down to 35°F.
  • Sherwin-Williams VinylSafe® paint colors allow you the freedom to choose from 100 color options, including a limited selection of darker colors formulated to resist warping or buckling when applied to sound, stable vinyl siding.
  • Available in flat, satin, gloss and high-gloss sheens.
  • High-gloss is ideal for reducing sticking on doors, windows and trim.

As it says above, this paint is safe to paint on vinyl. It can also be used on all other materials, some of course may need to be primed first! It can withstand cold temperatures as well!


Product Information: 

  • Formulated with exclusive MoistureGuard™ Technology for excellent moisture resistance in half the time of traditional latex paints — paint later in the day with confidence and less concern about dew or impending rain.
  • A mildew resistant coating.
  • Outstanding hide, coverage, durability and dirt resistance.
  • Flows and levels for a smooth, uniform finish.
  • Low temperature application down to 35°F.
  • Can be tinted in VinylSafe® Paint Colors

This paint is critical to our exterior division here at Exterior and Interior Painting Specialists. This paint dries in half of the time, we use it at the beginning and end of our exterior session, just because the temperature and weather isn’t very stable here in central Illinois. Just like the super paint

Super Deck:

Product Information:

  • Protects the integrity of your wood deck for 3 years with fast, easy application.
  • Penetrates bare wood, giving properly prepared decks excellent protection from sun and premature weathering.
  • Contains agents which inhibit the growth of mildew on the surface of this paint film.
  • Technologically advanced formula weathers similarly to oil-based stains. It wears away gradually rather than peeling and blistering at the end of its lifecycle.
  • Can be applied on damp wood, so most jobs can be finished in a single day.

Super deck, as I’m sure you have guessed by the name is for wood decks.


Product Information:

  • Enhances appearance and texture for great curb appeal.
  • Penetrates for exceptional protection and resistance to peeling.
  • Thick formula for uniform finish with great coverage.
  • Excellent color retention provides a mildew resistance coating.
  • Low temperature application to 35° F

Woodscapes is great for staining wood on your home. Stains can come in a solid, semi-solid or translucent. You of course can use paint on your wood as well. 


For trusted performance at a great value, A-100® is an A-1 choice. With a 100% acrylic formula that covers well and lasts, A-100 Exterior Latex Paint is a proven performer that meets your expectations and your need to keep an eye on the bottom line.

A100 is a great paint for the exterior of your home!


Thank you for reading our blog today! We went over some designing and color tips as well as the products we use! If you’re doing an at home project or don’t live in our area, you can click on the paint line name and it will take you to Sherwin-Williams website and the data sheet! You can see more information and the price!

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