😎About us…😎

We are 4 Co owners working together for quality and lasting paint projects.  We do one thing an do it right, Paint. We offer a 5 yr guarantee on all our painting projects.  We carry both workmen comp and general liability insurance.  The owners work at your job site, we don’t just send crews out and pick up checks.

Briefly, the back store…. I was a swing manager at McDonald in East Peoria.  I was an opener, arriving at 3.30 AM to open restaurant and prepare for day.  During this time I was painting everyday after work, building this business.

I got a whole house repaint with a deadline of 3 days.  That is when i asked Rafael to help, he worked at the McDonald, also.  He enlisted his brother Jose to help as well.  Jose worked at McDonald on north university.  All of us where openers at Mcdonalds, meaning we had to be at work around 3.30 AM.  We all worked on the house painting project every night till midnight, then opened at McDs  the very next day…

Today, Jose and Rafael are co owners.  They have helped build this business everyday since that first house we worked on together.  We finished the house in 3 days, and the owners were very happy.  When i drive by that house i always say that is the begin of this team..



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