🏅Interior Preparation🏅



  •  All jobs include washing walls in kitchen and bathroom.  We use TSP to clean walls, this will remove grease, and bathroom products from surface. This function of preparation is critical; if the surface is not clean the paint will not last.  This is where other companies may cut costs.
  •  Mildew treatment to kill existing growth.  This operation can be time consuming however is fundamental to ensure a quality and lasting paint
  • Scrape, any and all loose or chipping paint, sand and prime wood where necessary.  Primer is necessary; it is sealer as well as a base for you paint to adhere to for years to come.
  • Caulk windows, doors, counter tops, sinks and bathtubs.   A small, tedious task, however infinitely important when it comes to quality and lasting paint job.  This prevents moisture from seeping behind the newly applied paint, additional protection. We do it right.
  • We also carefully cover all carpet, furniture, and surfaces that are not to be painted.  This again is just courteous and clean.  We will leave your home as we found it.
  • Clean up at the end of each workday.  We respect your Residents, Business or job site.  We treat it as our own.

5 year written guarantee on all work


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