The Interior Team, and products we use.

We use Sherwin Williams Paints, and I am able to help you design your spaces with the use of natural light and accents to reveal your distinctive style. Choosing the Mass Tone is the beginning of the process then we dive into the Underlying Tone to create a space with color that is ideal, relaxing and refreshing. Call Darrin for free consultation and estimate. 309-363-3449

“Jose would text me daily, as he worked in my home, I was on vacation”, Billie.


“It was easy, they did their job, and finished on time…” Debra

Wonderful White Mass Tone…

“The cleanliness was second to no one. I will hire again”, Mandy.

Beautiful Beige Mass Tone…

“I just got NEW carpet, no worries they are CLEAN..” Ms. Smits.

Amazing Grey Mass Tones

Interior Preparation:



  • All jobs include washing walls in kitchen and bathroom. We use TSP to clean walls, this will remove grease, and bathroom products from the surface. This function of preparation is critical; if the surface is not clean the paint will not last. This is where other companies may cut costs.
  • Mildew treatment to kill existing growth. This operation can be time-consuming, however, is fundamental to ensure a quality and lasting paint
  • Scrape, any and all loose or chipping paint, prime wood where necessary. Primer is necessary; it is sealer as well as a base for your paint to adhere to for years to come.
  • Caulk windows, doors, countertops, sinks and bathtubs. A small, tedious task, however infinitely important when it comes to quality and lasting paint job. This prevents moisture from seeping behind the newly applied paint, additional protection. We do it right.
  • We also carefully cover all carpet, furniture, and surfaces that are not to be painted. This again is just courteous and clean. We will leave your home as we found it.
  • Clean up at the end of each workday. We respect your Residents, Business or job site. We treat it as our own.


“I sent my friend Karla to them, and my sister..” Ms. Backer.


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